#FridayReads – What are you reading this week?

I finally finished my book club book last week and needed to take a dip on my roller coaster and read something light and fun.

I am currently reading…

I am reading three books again – one at home, one in the car, and one at school!

#1 – I started Elin Hilderbrand’s Winter Street series last weekend and fell in love with the characters. The story begins with Kelley, the husband and father of four adult children, discovering his second wife is having an affair with the man who has played Santa Claus at their Inn for 12 years.  Cheesy, yes, but one that sucked me in that I had to pick up the second book,  Winter Stroll.  This one continues the story a year later at Christmas time.  I love stories about families and holidays so this series is perfect for me.

#2 – The day I finished Rhyme Schemer, our librarian handed me K.A. Holt’s new book, House Arrest.  This one is also in poetic verse.  Timothy is on house arrest for stealing a wallet – stolen to buy medicine for his little brother who is deathly ill and all he wants to help his brother feel better.  I am not finished yet, but I can already tell you that this one is a must read for children of all ages.

#3 – I am still listening to Anna Kendrick’s Scrappy Little Nobody in my car.  I never realized how many movies, shows, etc. she has been in since she was a young actress.  While she seems like a private person, she has no problem sharing embarrassing stories and filling us in on her life in the spotlight.  Her story has had me laughing as I am driving and engaged in the audio, which I never thought would have happened.  I am now hooked on audiobooks.

 What are you reading that I should add to my forever growing to-read list? Do you have a favorite audiobook I should listen to?  Please share!


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