#FridayReads What are you reading this week?

It is Friday and I feel like I am limping to the end of this shortened four day week.  I am not sure about any of you, but my reading pace has slowed down tremendously since my last post.  This whole “teaching” thing is getting in the way of me reading as much as I did over winter break.  That and the need for sleep!

I am currently reading…

I am trying to tackle three books right now – not on purpose, but that is how it turned out.

#1 – I have been reading The Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street for almost two weeks now.  It is a hefty one (500 pages!) and it the latest choice of my neighborhood book club.  In the past when someone picks a long one, I wimp out and never finish it.  This time, though, I am determined will be a different outcome.  Ice Cream Queen jumps back and forth from present to past over the course of seventy years following the story of a Russian immigrant who becomes a shrewd ice cream franchise owner.  Because of the movement from past to present, I do have to read this one slower and concentrate more on the storyline so I don’t miss anything.

#2 – At school, I am reading Rhyme Schemer, which came recommended from a parent I know.  This story is told in poetic verse.  The voice of this story is a middle school bully.  As I read through his poetry I learn more and more why he does the horrible things he does to other students (NOT to say that I agree with what he does!).  I had hoped this could be another Crossover book to get students building the stamina of reading again, but I am not sure if it is too middle schoolish for my students.  Will let you know at the end!

#3 – The 3rd book I am “reading” is actually an audiobook – Anna Kendrick’s Scrappy Little Nobody.  I thought I had put the book on hold at the library.  Turns out, I had requested the audiobook.  Two discs in and I am starting to enjoy listening to her tell the story of her life. Side note:  ***I love her roles in Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2.  I didn’t know what to expect, but if you are thinking of having students read this, please know that she uses foul language a lot and there are several underage drug/alcohol references in her stories.

What are you reading that I should add to my forever growing to-read list?



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