#WWW Wednesday: What are You Reading? 10/05/16

This weekly meme is hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words. It’s open to all to participate. Why not join in and let us know what’s on your reading list this week…

To join in, just answer the following three questions…WWW Wednesdays

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

I am currently reading…

Faultlines: A Novel by Barbara Taylor Sissel

I received an Advanced Reader Copy of Faultlines from NetGalley. Doesn’t this sound good?

Summary from Goodreads:

29740953It’s the phone call every parent dreads: in the middle of the night, Sandy Cline learns that her twenty-year-old son, Jordan, has been in a car accident. Her nephew, Travis, was also in the car, along with Travis’s girlfriend. All three are alive—but barely. The car was smashed against a tree along a remote and winding road, beautiful but deadly, in their rural Texas Hill Country town.

In the wake of the car crash, the close-knit family is tested like never before. Jenna, Travis’s mother, blames Jordan—as well as her sister, Sandy—after reports surface that Jordan had been driving. As the young adults struggle to survive, tension between their parents escalates. But when trust is broken and a shocking family secret is exposed, it creates a perfect storm of harrowing consequences. Rumors in the small town spread like wildfire. When details of the accident are questioned, Sandy and Jenna wonder if their family has been destroyed beyond repair.

As always, there’s much more to the story…if the family is to survive, they will have to come together to confront the terrible truth and overcome their pain. But are some betrayals unforgivable?

I recently finished…

Leaving Me by Gayle Forman

28110865I have been a huge fan of Gayle Forman since reading If I Stay/Where She Went. I love her writing and how she can suck me into a storyline within pages of opening the book. Her latest novel and her adult debut, Leave Me, did not disappoint. The book begins with Maribeth having a heart attack and not even realizing it. After having bypass surgery she is sent home to recover. At home with two children to care for, a mother who is of no help, and a husband who decides to work late every night, Maribeth struggles to get better. Instead of asking for help, she leaves home and does not return.

While I am not sure I could ever do this to my family, I could see exactly why Maribeth walked away. She needed to get herself healthy so that she could be there for her family. This story is about facing fears and learning how to stand on your own. It is about taking care of yourself so you can take care of those you love. It is about family, friendships, marriage, and love.

Kids of Appetite by David Arnold

I received an ebook ARC of this novel from Netgalley and a paperback copy from our librarian.  David Arnold received rave reviews for his first story, Mosquitoland, so I was 22466429excited to be given the opportunity to review his newest story.  According to his publisher, Kids of Appetite is “a universal story, heartbreaking and uplifting all at the same time – the kind of book where you feel just a little bit changed after you read it.”

Kids of Appetite is one of those stories that I will be booktalking for a while.  The main character, Vic, runs away with the urn of his father’s ashes when he finds out his mother is planning to get remarried.  Vic finds a note inside the urn with a list of several places that Vic’s dad would like his ashes thrown.  On his adventure he meets Mad, a girl with her own story, and several others who help him find each place he needs to go.

I plan to read next…

All four of these books are on my to-read list for October.  My goal this year is to keep up to date with all my ARCs from NetGalley!  These all are getting great reviews on Goodreads too.

What are you reading that I should add to my to-read list for this fall?


5 thoughts on “#WWW Wednesday: What are You Reading? 10/05/16

  1. All of these titles definitely sound great! I have a few of them on my TBR pile as well. I hope you will enjoy them and happy reading! Here’s my WWW.

  2. Both of your recently finished titles are books I’ve had my eye on. The Gayle Forman novel sounds like the kind where you could put yourself in the characters shoes and it be a really thought provoking read.

    I hope you enjoy your upcoming books 🙂

  3. I’m glad you liked ‘Leave Me.’ I know Foreman was really well received for the previous books so it’s good to know she can keep it up. Happy reading and thanks for participating in WWW Wednesday!

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