SOTW: Simple Strategy for Students Giving Other Students Feedback

If you are a teacher and haven’t viewed any of the Teaching Channel’s videos, stop reading my post and go join now. It is free and the videos are inspiring.  I learn simple strategies that can easily be applied to classes across all grade levels.  The latest video I just shared with teachers at my school is called “I Noticed & I Wondered

The video features a quick strategy for helping students give meaningful feedback to each other.  Using sentence frames, students tell one another what they noticed and what they wondered about regarding each other’s work.  While the video is taken in a upper elementary class, this approach can be used across all grade levels and subject areas to encourage productive peer feedback.  Plus, it’s simple enough that students will likely start internalizing the language after using it over and over again.

5 Quick Videos to Refresh Your Teaching Practice

I Noticed I Wondered.png


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