Posted in September 2016

SOTW: Other Ways to Check for Understanding Besides a Quiz

Todd Finley wrote an article, Diptsticks:  Efficient Ways to Check for Understanding, for Edutopia two summers ago highlighting the importance of using formative assessments with students. Research shows that these quick assessments are able to double student learning gains. Assessments don’t just have to be a “quiz.”  Here are other ways to check your student’s understanding: 53 Ways to … Continue reading

#WWW Wednesday 9/21/16

Now a month into the school year, I am already struggling to keep up with blogging this fall as my plan to write at least one post a week about books has gone out the window. To get myself back into the groove, I am starting up my #WWW Wednesday posts again. This weekly meme is hosted by … Continue reading

SOTW: Giving Feedback to Students

I love this graphic from ASCD showing seven things to remember about giving feedback to students: I wish I knew who had originally posted these tips on Twitter.  I saved the graphic and use them with students.  Here are some additional tips on ways to give feedback to students:    

SOTW: Brain Break Ideas

The school I teach at has 90 minute class periods.  Students struggle sitting for that long in class, each day, all day long (wouldn’t you?).  I am always trying to find ideas for our classroom teachers to give students “brain breaks” throughout their lessons to help them refocus and stay engaged in the lessons. Here … Continue reading