SOTW: Quick Way to Partner Up Students

One of the biggest struggles I face when asking students to “partner up” is the amount of time that it takes them to find a partner.  Then there are always students who don’t want to work together, who don’t have a partner, or who always partner with the same person. I have used these templates each theme or unit to change up who students partner with during my classes.  (I can’t take credit for making these as I found them online a while ago and can’t remember where they came from.)

Directions:  Give each student a “Clock Buddy” worksheet.  Set the timer for 3-5 minutes and tell the students that they need to find a new “partner” for each line on their clock. Make sure students understand that they should sign their name on the same spot on their partners sheet that their partner signs on their sheet.  They can only sign one line on each sheet. When you need to do a partner activity have students pull out their partner sheet and then you pick which “partner” you would like them to work with for the activity.

Clock Buddies Templates

Collaborative Pairs Cards



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